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A Journey to Balance and Joy

Passion, hard work, and a commitment to my family have been the driving forces behind my success. As an independent beauty consultant of Mary Kay, I know the importance of nourishing our internal and external radiance. This is why I am also an advocate for natural health through Doterra essential oils. In 2007, I founded Time Saver VA to create a successful virtual assistant business allowing me to work from home while still being available for those close to me.

Despite all the hard work and dedication required to succeed in business, I believe balance is also essential. That's why we take time out for camping excursions and 4-wheeler adventures! Taking these trips helps us explore nature and spend quality time together as a family. We also use planners to organize our lives to have enough time for our passions and businesses without feeling overwhelmed.

My journey has been full of ups and downs - but overall, it has been incredibly rewarding! My biggest accomplishment is being able to share my story with others in hopes of inspiring you on their paths toward finding balance in your lives. I believe that when you are passionate about what you do, success will follow! By focusing on nourishing your internal and external radiance, taking some time off here and there for yourself (and your family!), having the plan to stay organized, and following your passions - you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

I hope my story shows you how passion, hard work, commitment to family, natural health practices, and planning can help us maintain balance while still achieving success in our endeavors. I hope my journey inspires you to find joy in life’s ups & downs; I hope my advice provides insight into how you can nourish both internal & external radiance while still finding time for yourself & those closest to you; I hope my story motivates you towards building businesses & exploring nature on-the-go! At the end of the day - when everything else fails - remember that if you focus on what matters most & trust yourself along the way - you can create amazing successes out of anything!

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