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How I Get Ready with Mary Kay in the Morning

When it comes to my morning make-up routine, I always turn to Mary Kay cosmetics. They have all the products I need to look and feel my best, from day cream and concealer to finishing spray. Here's a step-by-step guide on how I get ready for the day with Mary Kay.

Step 1: Day Cream & Concealer

I start by applying day cream all over my face, neck, and chest area. This helps me keep my skin hydrated and looking fresh throughout the day. After that, I apply concealer under my eyes and around any blemishes to give me a more even complexion.

Step 2: CC Cream & Translucent Powder

Next up is CC cream. This product is great because it evens out your skin tone and provides SPF 15 protection against UV rays. Then, I like to set everything with a light dusting of translucent powder - this helps keep things in place as well as gives my skin a matte finish that looks natural but still polished.

Step 3: Eye Shadow, Mascara & Lip Gloss

After that, I move on to eye shadow and mascara. For eye shadow, I like to use neutral colors such as browns and taupes since they’re easy to blend into one another for a subtle yet defined look. Then, I finish off the eyes with mascara - this adds definition and depth that opens up your eyes for an overall brighter look! Finally, I add some lip gloss for a bit of shine that ties everything together nicely.d

Step 4: Blush & Finishing Spray

To finish things off, I apply blush on the apples of my cheeks for an added pop of color - this helps add dimension back into your face after all the powdery makeup has been applied! Lastly, I spritz some finishing spray all over to help lock everything in place all day long! This helps prevent any smudging or fading while also providing extra hydration so you can stay looking freshly made up throughout your whole day!

Getting ready in the morning is so much easier when you have high quality makeup products like those from Mary Kay cosmetics at your disposal! From day cream and concealer to blush and finishing spray – there’s something for every step of your morning make-up routine so you can look flawless no matter what life throws at you! So why wait? Try out these amazing products today and see what they can do for you!

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